A Year Ago Today…

Photography by D&C Photography

A year ago today I set out on one of the greatest traveling adventures of my life. My brand new husband, Chance, and myself left for our honeymoon alone in Ireland. Growing up I dreamt of the misty Irish shores, and one day being lucky enough to walk their beautiful sands. Little did I know that the dream would become reality in September of 2011.

Traveling was never something that Chance had put much thought into, and he kept asking me… “How can Ireland be any different than the USA?” As a child I had traveled to Europe one other time, and I knew that it was a different world over there. I just shook my head and replied that he’d understand when we arrived.

Arriving in Ennis, Ireland: Fresh off the plane

By the time we landed Chance saw with his own eyes how amazing our trip was going to be, and I’d never seen him so excited in the 7 years I’d known him. Seeing him like this made my heart take flight. I knew this experience was going to be the best experience of our lives.

The Cliffs of Moher

So many wonderful and simply unexplainable things happened while we were in Ireland… the experience was like no other. Being there with someone like Chance, a person whom inspires me everyday, was very special to me.

I was happy to return some of that inspiration he bestowed upon me on an every day basis, and introduce him to a new world. A world of adventure and travel. He has told me many times that’s something he really didn’t get to experience in his life before he met me.

View from the top of the Bunratty Castle Tower

Travel is very near and dear to me, and continues to hold a special place in my heart. Being able to take Chance on this trip to Ireland has been one of my favorite life moments, and its moments like those that we should all live for.

Photo by D&C Photography

With all this said, I feel inspired to share my journeys with others and hopefully it will help my friends and family understand why I spend so much time away from home and maybe even inspire others to travel more themselves. Life is short and the time for adventure is now!


Also, today I’d like to dedicate my very first blog post to Chance Dittfurth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! And many many more. 🙂

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