Coasting In St. Louis

The Adventure Begins…

Last weekend I embarked on yet another adventure; however, it wasn’t a pleasure trip or a vacation this time around. Being a professional dancer, at times, can feel like a party though. 🙂 We defiantly get to have more fun than other professionals! For that, I am thankful.

Stopped to have fun on the drive

10 years ago I began my journey into the wonderful world of belly dancing, and now I travel very frequently as a professional belly dance performer. Here recently though I’ve added competitive West Coast Swing dancing to my dance mantra.

The two worlds don’t have too terribly much in common; besides the fact that you get to meet wonderful people, witness amazing dancing and drink (I mean DANCE) until you drop!

Our 1st Night in St Louis

Rather it’s Belly Dancing, Ballroom Dancing or West Coast Swing dancing though… I’m a busy lady, and loving every minute of it. It’s extremely fulfilling (often times tiring), BUT very worth it! And the best news is there are those special moments when all of your hard work seems to FINALLY pay off.

Newcomer Division: 3rd Place

I know that I’m new to the West Coast Swing world, but I’m extremely inspired by it and the partner dynamic (in general) captivates me. I entered the Newcomer Jack & Jill division (meaning you get paired with a random partner instead of your usual dance partner)… with my fingers crossed and ended up placing 3rd. I’m thinking this division isn’t taken as seriously as the others, but I now feel confident moving up into the Novice Jack & Jills.

My partner, George Sirois, for the Jack & Jills

My weekend in St. Louis gave me the opportunity to meet some awesome people, and let loose. I also got the chance to spend time with some good friends while I was there. (My favorite part of the weekend).

My friend Bridgett, and our new friend Tom 🙂
My Friends, and an illusive Photo Bomber 😉

This weekend I’m heading to circus camp to teach belly dancing… learn hula hooping, fire breathing, trapeze and more, oh my. 😉 From West Coast Swing to the Circus. It doesn’t get any more well rounded than that.

And life is GREAT!

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