Got Flow?

We, Umbra Fusion Bellydance, headed out for Flow Camp to teach and perform for 4 days. There’s something that MUST be said about the flow community, they are probably the nicest, most down to earth group of people I’ve ever come into contact with.

Welcome to Flow Camp!

I wanted to start my blog with that awesome statement, because out of all the things that went down during my time at Flow Camp, I think the amazing generosity and all around “happy vibes” from the attendees is what has left a lasting impression on me (not to mention the beautiful surrounding land, the breath taking talent and everything there was to learn while we were there)!

Terrapin Farm: Where we camped for 4 days
Scenic Drive

Flow Camp 2012 was an experience I won’t soon forget, and one I wouldn’t trade. Not only did I play in my first drum circle, witness talent I didn’t know was possible, learn how to eat fire, camp outside on a beautiful farm… but I also met wonderful people, and so so much more.

Umbra After Saturday Night’s Performance

If you get the chance to attend Flow Camp 2013, don’t pass it up! However, you do have to be an extremely outdoorsy person, because you will be “roughing it” for 4 days… but you literally get to feel like you’ve run away with the circus. Its like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

Fire Staff… one day I will light the ends!
Fire Eating!!

I learned how to do some CRAZY awesome things I never thought I’d have to guts to do! Instead of trying to explain these things to you I’m attaching several videos of the instructors performing and doing what they do best… flowing!!


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