I Love Bidets! πŸ˜†

Bidets are the best way

Seriously though… I could go on about this subject for a while! Why don’t Americans care more about their after potty rituals?! I love a bidet! So sanitary. So much less wasteful. And, let’s get honest here… much less gross than taking a piece of toilet paper and wiping my behind.

Did I mention that the toilet seats are heated?! Oh, and music plays… If you’re interested in knowing more about this subject, ask me when I get home, because there’s so much to say. Lol. And now that I have your attention… πŸ˜†

Touch down!

We made it! Jeremy and I are in Tokyo, Japan. We landed in a semi-normal airport. Grouchy and exhausted… but hopeful. After experiencing our first bidet, which I added a photo of for your pleasure, we headed through customs and found out that our luggage did not make it to Japan with us. 😳

After this, the afternoon was a blur. I was just wondering… what am I going to wear? What will I do without makeup? I have no medicine with me… how awful. We are supposed to get our luggage delivered to our hotel in two days. So, we get to wear the same 2 pairs of clothes for 3 days!

Hotel Room made for Hobbits. Really though, everything is very close to the ground. Different.

We got checked into our hotel, Tokyo Dome Hotel. My brain was so fried at this point I couldn’t think of any Japanese to speak, and I had no idea what anyone was saying to us. My brain: “Nope, not doing this right now”. Last night was hard.

Courtyard food, success!

We managed to eat, go to a 7 Eleven and then pass out hard for 8+ hours. Nothing too exciting, and I went to bed feeling blue. I’m hopeful that today will be better. We are in “the land of the rising sun”, after all! πŸ˜‰

Sunrise over Tokyo!




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