Final Fantasy Kinda Day

Halloween goofiness at the JR office!



Snack Time in the rail station! A little Halloween flare everywhere we go.


We woke up bright and early yesterday feeling more rested and ready for our adventure in Tokyo! We headed first to the rail station to figure out our 7 day pass. At the JR Office we took some goofy photos with a worker there in Halloween decor. I think she was really happy to see someone excited about Halloween! Or maybe it was the ginger with me, I don’t know… but she really liked us!! 😆


After our crash course in the Japanese rail system, we headed out into the wonderful world  that is Tokyo. It really is like a whole new world here… it’s hard to explain, but it is def different. The air even smells different. Kinda sweet smelling. I digress. Yesterday was really all about anime, food and final fantasy!


We went first to the Square Enix building, where we found some moogle designed cappuccinos and tons of Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts memorabilia. I also had a tiny humming bird fly right up to my hand, while waiting in line to go inside… kinda made me feel magical!


Halloween themed pancakes at Artnia!

Quick side note: while we were lost in the subway system we had an older gentleman approach us, and I’m sad to say that my first response was that I believed he was trying to get money from us, or to sell us something. Funny thing… he just wanted to practice his Eglish and help us find our way.

This is one of the small things that makes Japan very different from any other place I’ve been. It shocked me, and warmed my heart a little, that all he wanted to do was help. ❤

Akihabara, anime heaven!

Catching up, after Square Enix we headed to Akihabara where we spent the rest of our day emersed in Anime bliss! They had everything from figurines to arcade games to anime vending machines. It was like we were where we were meant to be! 🤗

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Besides walking walking walking and shopping shopping shopping, we ate dinner at Eorzea, a Final Fantasy 14 themed cafè. Jeremy was about to have a bad day because we couldn’t figure out how to reserve our seats! I convinced him we just needed to go to the location and explain what’s happened. (We, literally, tried for weeks to book this place for dinner) My broken Japanese saved the day though, and we got a reservation made! I think they just felt bad for us. 😆



Mana anyone?!

I think this sums up our day. Enjoy the pics!!!! Love you all. 💖


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