Part of Your World…


I’m a bit at a loss for words, because yesterday was more amazing than I ever thought it could have possibly been. I’m in love with Disney, even more so with the Little Mermaid… and it was such a shock to my senses/emotions to go to a Disney theme park where a huge chunk of the park was dedicated to my favorite Disney Princess! 💖

Welcome to Atlantis!
Under the sea…

I arrived at Tokyo Disney Sea already knowing that it housed Atlantis buuuut, we had no idea it was themed for Halloween! I’ve been to Disney World and Land several times and I’ve never actually been when all of the villains are out and about!! It was so amazing. 🤗🎃


When I saw them all in a special Halloween performance… I’m not going to lie, I almost cried!



On top of that… some of my favorite very special moments were getting to ride Tokyo’s version of the Tower of Terror (Hotel Hightower), eating a clam shaped sandwich under the sea with Sebastian and drinking a berry flavored Halloween beer at the Villain’s Haven bar!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you all how much this experience meant to me. IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!! Ask me more about it when I get home, because I have so much to say! I might cry though, if you ask me about it. Lol.

img_5750img_5849img_5854img_5856And even more pics below!! I’ll also upload videos to Facebook when I get the chance to.

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