Panoramic Tour

Yesterday we had a much needed day of ease, because we didn’t have to think about anything. Instead, we were lead around Tokyo by our wonderful tour guide who did a great job teaching us about Japanese history and culture!

Our first stop on the tour was the Shinto Temple Menu Jingu. It was a brief stop, and we didn’t have much time here… but it was very interesting watching people pray. After they had finished saying their prayers to the Gods, they would clap their hands together and bow.


Our next stop was at the Imperial Palace Gardens. We learned a lot about the Emperor, who is, apparently, more for show and calming the people than anything else. We took a brisk walk around the East Gardens and I’ll add a short slide below:

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The next location we visited was my favorite stop. It was at the Buddhist Temple Sensoji, which was one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever seen. We walked through the main Temple, where fortune telling was happening and where people were showing their respects to The Buddha. Upon exiting out the back of the Temple, we stopped by the incense burner and placed incense on the weak places of our bodies. This was a calming experience. And then, oddly enough, there was a huge market place out back. We bought souvenirs and goodies before leaving!


Because we did so so much yesterday, I will jot down a seperate blog later for the rest! Right now, it’s time for us to get ready to leave Tokyo for Hakone and Mt Fuji!! We are so excited. Love you all…

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