Mt Fuji AKA Mt Huji

Mt Fuji… AKA Mt Huji


Yep. Mount Fuji is actually pronounced Mount Huji, who knew? 😉 The reason for this is because in Japanese they pronounce their fu hiragana/katakana symbol as “hu”, not “fu”. Good to know information, right?!

So, I am back tracking just a little bit. The hours before arriving at our Traditional Japanese Hotel (Ryokan), we rode a tour bus from Tokyo to Mt Fuji (make sure to say Huji when you read that… lol), Mt Fuji to Hakone. 🤗


We learned something very important on our trip up the mountain… you can only actually see the tip of Mt Fuji 93 times a year! So, the chances of us being able to see it were pretty slim. Jeremy and I were convinced we wouldn’t be seeing it… but as we were driving back down the mountain we spotted it for a brief moment!! The fog cleared and there it was! やった。Yippie!


Btw, on a side note… I’ve learned so much about the Japanese language and way of doing things since I’ve been here. They. Are. The. Most. Efficient. People. I’ve. Ever. Been. Around!!! But can’t put a dang elevator anywhere, it seems. 😳 You can ask me more about this topic later… I have much to say!

Anywho, after seeing Mt Fuji, we headed to Hakone and took a cruise around the volcano before heading up to the top of it! My favorite part of this day (besides experiencing the Ryokan later) was riding to the top of Hakone Mountain. It was a very foggy day and the fog made everything a bit spooky. It reminded me of one of my Japanese Hotel video games (Silent Hill or Fatal Frame)… and it was eerily beautiful. I’ll add photos below!

Alrighty! I think I’m caught up for this day. On to the next one!!! 🤗

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