Kyoto, the 1st Tokyo

Bullet train


Look. I know I’m, obviously, behind… but I still have things to write about! The next day (after our stay in paradise at the Traditional Japanese Hotel)… we were rudely awaken from our dream by a loooooooong, slightly upsetting trip to Kyoto. We were lugging our bags around. Lost at times, and hungry.  Not to mention… I was starting to feel sick. 😢

I’m not sure what you know, or don’t know about Asian cultures… but they do NOT take sickness lightly. In Japan, at least, I know they aren’t offered many sick days from work, so, it’s very important for them NOT to get sick.

That being said… I was traveling in closed quarters all the way to Kyoto, hacking all over everyone. I did put on a mask, eventually… but it felt so strange.

However, I will say that by the time I left Japan, it felt completely normal! One could say… I really embraced the look!! 😉

Asian influenza

Sadly, we didn’t do much this day. We were supposed to, but I just really really needed rest. I’ll add photos of what we did get accomplished. 😷😪❤️

Rural Japan



We made it, finally!

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