Palaces & Temples… are boring…


I know I should have loved taking in all of the history, but I didn’t. Everything we saw for the first half of this day was beautiful, and I really wish I would’ve enjoyed it more… but again, I didn’t. I’m not sure if it was that I was feeling ill, our tour guide was boring or maybe Japanese castles pale in comparison to the castles I’ve seen in Europe. Which ever way it went, I just didn’t enjoy it.

The Temple pictured below had a, somewhat, interesting/morbid story. This Temple was once made from pure gold, and a man committed arsen, burning it down and then killing him self. The government had to reconstruct it using foil and gold paint! A very devastating loss for Japan…. and the man’s mother committed suicide after the incident because she was so ashamed. :/


…Moving forward… on the plus side of things, I had gotten some much needed rest the night before. I was feeling a little bit better (I could tell that it wasn’t going to last though).

We did take a trip to the Imperial Palace in Kyoto that morning, and here are some photos that I took. I found it equally as boring as the rest!

Beautifully boring. ☺️


Luckily, things picked up after our lunch break! We got our best tour guide yet, and headed off to Nara!! This trip deserves its own blog… so, I’ll write about it next. 😉

Us. Bored.

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