One Last Day In Tokyo

One last photo on our way to the Narita Airport…

Our last day in Japan was bitter sweet. Although I’d been talking to my babies through Facebook’s video chat (which I highly recommend if you’re over seas. It’s free and works well… as long as you have wifi)… I was beginning to miss their hugs and cute little faces. I also missed my bed! All of the beds were short and not very fluffy. I also missed my house, even if it is messy all the time!

However, I was extremely sad to be leaving Japan, because I know there was so much more for us to see and discover. Alas, all good things must come to an end. To be honest with you. I didn’t take many pictures this day. I just enjoyed my day and tried to be in the moment. We rode the bullet train one more time, from Kyoto back to Tokyo. Once we made it to Tokyo, I was very very sick. My mind groggy, my head pounding, throat hurting, eyes watering and coughing everywhere. But Jeremy didn’t let me slow down, and I guess I didn’t want to either. We had a full afternoon ahead of us!


After stopping by the hotel, we stopped in the Tokyo Dome to watch a Japanese Idol concert (yes… kinda like Love Live) 🤗… and we also ate some amazing  conveyor belt sushi, which was a great experience! You don’t have to talk to anyone… you just press a button and your food comes to you on a plate. Or you just grab up random stuff going by. It was great!


As you eat, you stack your plates on top of each other and the different colors represent different prices. I really enjoyed it.

And then, on a whim, we rode a ridiculously scary roller coaster in the center of Tokyo!! It was scarier than any ride we rode at Disney Sea.


After this, we headed off to spend some more time in Akihabara and it was just as amazing as the first day we arrived in Tokyo! I told Jeremy that “this is where I’m meant to be”… forever. 😆 Anime, video games and manga for as far as the eyes could see!!!!

We had one adventure left before it was all over. We went off in search of a Ninja Cafe! Food, food and more food!! 😉

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That concludes our wonderfully magical trip to 日本🇯🇵 (Nihon-Japan’s real name in Japanese)!I finally caught up. ❤️ It’s been very nice reliving our trip through my writing!!

We just belong here…

It’s taken a lot of talking, rehashing of details and just thinking long and hard… but we will be working very hard to (hopefully) move to Japan within the next two years. Even though we’ve joked about it, it’s NOT BECAUSE OF TRUMP. Lol. That’s just a plus… but we’ve been considering moving to Japan for a while. Wish us luck! 🙂

I’ll be writing some  more blogs about Japan here soon, but this does bring our experiences during our trip to an end. I hope you enjoyed living vicariously through me. 💖👏🏻 Thank you for reading!!!



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