Disney Family Vacay

There are a couple adventures I never wrote about, that I said I would write about. Mostly, I didn’t write anything because I was trying to live in the moment and be present with my family. I convinced myself I’d write about our trips as soon as I got home. I didn’t do that though. I’m going to do that now! I’m going to reminisce, and quickly scribble out some memories on my blog. I want to make sure I’ve no loose ends before I go to Japan this Summer! I’ll definitely be posting a lot in my blog then.

112F79AE-E079-4D7B-B36B-17C03E645649First, I want to share about our Disney trip. I had so many people say to me before leaving that our trip would be hot and terrible with 2 toddlers. Well, guess what?! It wasn’t. 🙂 It turnt out to be my most magical trip to Disney ever! It was definitely hot, because we went in June. But we were only there for 4 days, we only visited 2 parks and only ever waited in line for 30 mins!!! Our trip was a dream.

72C4397C-52ED-4059-8887-B6B1C81ADF14There’s nothing quite like seeing your children’s eyes shining with excitement and magic during their 1st trip to Disney. They were meeting their idols and it brought tears to my eyes to see them so so happy for 4 days straight!

Several people also told me that they’d never remember their trip. I’ll have you know, they remember their trip very very well. Kyrie still talks about it, and Isabella likes to remind me that we are supposed to take them again when they are 5 & 4! And I can’t wait!!!!

Don’t let people discourage you from taking your toddlers to Disney World. If you need a good helping of Disney, go!

True, you won’t be able to ride the big rides with them, but it’s Disney, there are so many things to do with little kids anyway. You will have fun watching them discover, and they will have the time of their lives! Everyone was so kind with helping us get our strollers on and off the buses!! They held doors for us and treated us so well. Luckily, you’re around people who have kids. They understand. 😉 Take time for naps, swimming and down time… and just keep everything laid back and enjoy yourselves.

I looked up every Mommy blog I could find on the internet and planned our day out based on when the rides were the least crowded. It worked like dream!


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