Thoughts & Fears

I need everybody routing for me as I head out to Japan in 2 weeks! ❤ I’m filled with so much excitement, and so much fear. I’m leaving my girls behind for an entire month, and going on an adventure without my best friend. While I am ecstatic that, for the for time in almost 4 years, I am going to be living for myself… I know that I will miss those two sweet little faces every moment. I keep telling myself that it’s only for 4 wks. I have the rest of my life to be with my kids, I’m sure they can forgive me for taking a month to myself. 😉  This is, after all, a chance of a lifetime!!

I am so thankful to Jeremy for believing in me and supporting my goals (no matter what they are), in any way he can. There have been several times over the past 4 semesters that I have almost given up, but Jeremy kept me motivated. I was so surprised when I asked him about the study abroad trip and his reply was “I think you should go.” :O I thought for sure that his answer would be a finalizing “NO”.

I will be studying and attending classes at Reitaku University, on the outskirts of Tokyo! I will be traveling and attending classes with 11 other MTSU students (which happen to be all girls). Our Sensei is traveling with us, and teaching our class IN ENGLISH, thank goodness. 😉 Not every student is a part of the Japanese Language program. As I understand it, we will have Japanese students joining us on several excursions and showing us around Japan. The week days will be completely booked with school activities and studying, but the weekends are completely open for us to do whatever we want to do!

Personally, I will be dropping in on a Japanese WCS event, heading to Disney Land, spending a day on the Tokyo Bay (beach) soaking in the rays, taking a sushi making class and so much more!

One of our assignments for the class will be keeping up a blog during our trip, and I plan to do so here. Please talk to me a lot, because I know I will get homesick sometimes. ❤ Wish me luck!!!!!! The next time you see me, I will have been a student living in Tokyo, Japan! How amazing is that?!

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