My Journey Begins

Ya’ll…. I’m back in Japan!!! Who would’ve thunk it! ;D Only two years later….

And, after a looooong flight… I feel like my brain has finally caught up with me! The last 3 days before today have been rough, jet lagged days… but today I felt like myself again. There’s a lot going on, so I’m still tired, but I’m functioning much better. I enjoyed having a day spent exclusively on campus VS going out into Tokyo. I think my brain and body needed a day to compute everything that’s been happening, because it’s a lot!

Today was our 1st day of class. Even though I felt nervous talking in front of everyone, I enjoyed listening to my classmates speak about the different regions of Japan. I learnt so much! I now feel like I know a little bit more about Japan’s different climates, land types, seasons and what each one specializes in manufacturing. For my mini presentation, I spoke about Chubu (home of Mt Fuji-san). ❤



After class we relaxed for a while and then headed to our welcome party, hosted by the Reitaku University students. I was pretty awkward, but I enjoyed talking with and meeting everyone! I’m surprised that I’m able to be social, because it’s like a brand new me lately.

Something I’ve noticed is that Japanese students seem to be so much more involved in the activities they comment themselves to. Sometimes Americans, in comparison, can seem very lazy, almost like they don’t actually care about school. Which is very sad. I think I will start trying to make even more of an effort to not seem that way, when I return home (to the best of my ability). Sometimes having family gets in the way of the activities I want to comment myself to, but I will continue to try my best!


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