Scotland With Friends

We have a new adventure to embark on!!! My last adventure was quite a HUGE one. Studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan was amazing, intense; all of the things I’d dreamt it would be (and then some). This next adventure will be a lot less stressful though, and one I’m going on with my closest of friends. I’m so excited to share these memories with them!

I feel like it’s so difficult to convince anyone to travel. It’s expensive, time consuming to plan for and a little scary. However, (besides having my kids) traveling houses some of the most amazing experiences of my life. Seeing another country and exploring a brand new world is one of the highlights of my existence. I wish that more people were able to travel abroad.

Even before I had the money to, I would save small chunks of my paycheck for years before I would embark on one of my adventures, but I’d eventually save up enough to go and it was the most rewarding way to spend the extra money from my paycheck! It can be done on a low budget!! I’m living proof.

Anywho, I just wanted to update my travel blog, and I always try to give everyone a heads up before I head off into the sunset for another trip. We will fly out July 16th, and be returning on my birthday July 31st. I’m very much looking forward to this adventure and I. Can. Not. Wait. to be in Scotland with some of my most favorite human beings!!! I’ll post here on my blog next from Scotland. #scotlandbound

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