WWOfA & LuvBug Photography By Danielle Hamilton

 This Blog is a space dedicated to travel. The act of traveling and discovering the world around me has always been the most important thing for me to do, in order to broaden my horizons. When I was younger, I dreamed of far off places, daring adventures and reaching for something outside of my comfort zone. I have many passions, such as: dance; photography; learning the Japanese language; anime… all of which, just so happen, to take me on GREAT adventures!!

 Here will be my quiet space to talk about those fabulous, once in a life time adventures. I’ll touch on foreign oddities, religions, foods, “Japanese toilets”… 😉 you name it!!! On top of that, I will be sure to add lots and lots of photos and/or videos! Photos that will entertain, and take your breath away. Videos that will educate, and help you feel like you’re there with me 🙂 . Please subscribe here on my Blog, and then head over to follow my Facebook Page, LuvBug Photography @ FACEBOOK PAGE!!! And as always, thank you for your continued support in all things. ❤ 恐れ入りましょう… 


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